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Barbara's new book (Theater Artists Play) is now available for purchase below using a major credit card or PayPal. Simply click on the Buy Now button below.  NOTE - in the next screen, you will be able to change quantities.

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“Theater Artists Play!”
A THEATER ARTIST'S GUIDE to making and creating your OWN theater work!
by Barbara L. Gregson
Illustrated by Kimberly A. Rose
Photography and layout by Anita Drexler

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About Theater Artists Play

Theater Artists Play is an inspirational guide to making your own theater work. This book is for all would-be, used-to-be and wanna-be actors, mimes, storytellers, dancers, musicians, writers, all visual and performing artists!

Don’t wait to be discovered. Discover yourself with Theater Artists Play. Learn how to show your stories, make and play your own creations and get paid!

  • full color with photos and illustrations
  • 6" X 9"
  • 202 pages
  • paperback
  • view SNEAK PEEK (56 sample pages from the book)
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  • also available on Amazon in paperback and ebook (Kindle) versions

PLEASE NOTE: For any scheduled residency, the organization can receive free copies of Barbara L. Gregson's book (“Theater Artists Play”) for their teachers & staff. In addition, all participating students in both residencies and workshops can purchase the book at a discount price.


Theater Artists Play is a smart, handy, map to becoming an actor, drama teacher, or even a critic for the theater. All you have to do is turn to any chapter and read what steps and thoughts an actor takes to "get into character." Barbara's explanation of the artist journey is honest, easy, and smack dab true. All who teach drama need a copy handy, and anyone who wants to learn to act needs to buy this book, immediately.   - Diane Batson-Smith, film producer and conceptual artist

The tone of this book is very relaxed and conversational, as if you are sitting across the kitchen table from the author, which makes the material very accessible and easy to apply. The best part of this book is the artist's message to would-be theater entrepreneurs: "Don't wait for someone else to discover you. Discover yourself!" The author offers very practical, tried-and-true advice on how to do this. I'm going to buy another copy for my nephew, who is trying to make it as an actor in L.A.   - Rick Gridley, spiritual entrepreneur

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