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Not only does Barbara give students an experience in all facets of creating and presenting a stage production, she is well acquainted with both governmental and private funding sources to pay for her services. I recommend partnering with Barbara L. Gregson on any project involving the theater arts (mime, acting, choral readings, mask making, set design, etc.) - Richard Gridley (Library Media Specialist, Binghamton, NY)

After 40 years of writing Arts in Education, Artist in the Community grants,Technical Assistance, Professional Development and Individual Artist Fellowship applications and grants Barbara L. Gregson knows what the process is, how to write arts grants, what is required and how to get the funding needed for her projects.

I have a 95% success rate, receiving funds from over 400 grant applications so that I could create the shows and theater projects with all types of schools, hospitals, and diverse state and local non-profits and institutions. I am very proud and honored that I have been able to receive so many grants over the years in order to do the creative work that I want to do and with people that I want to work with!

Arts Consulting

Barbara L. Gregson has been an arts consultant for many non-profits helping them build their arts programming in theater and visual arts as well as what kind of grants do they can apply for.

Gregson Theater can consult with your school, nonprofit, arts organization, private institution, theater companies and individual artists. Together we can explore how you can build a more dynamic and inclusive arts program at your organization. For Individual artists, and teachers, Barbara can help you find and write “Arts in Education” grants and “Community Art” grants from your local and state Arts Councils to enrich your work as an artist or for your students.  

Past Consultant Jobs for Theaters, Arts Organizations and Schools:

2000-Present: I have received many Technical Assistance (T.A.) and Professional Development Grants to teach teachers and consult with organizations about their arts programming. Some of the arts organizations and state arts councils that I have received grants from are: Pennsylvania Council On the Arts (PCA), NYSCA, Very Special Arts of PA, Leeway Foundation, Art Reach, Chenango County Council on the Arts, and CNY Arts.

2011: Technical Assistance Grant from PCA to help the Women’s Community Revitalization Project build an After School arts program in inner city Philadelphia housing project.

2010: Technical Assistance grant from PCA to help Red Square Theater Co. Research grants and places to perform.

2009: Technical Assistance grant to help Jericho Arts Council, Bainbridge, NY develop an Arts in Ed. program. Grant was from Arts Partners, Syracuse, NY).

2007: T. A grant from Liberty Resources, Inc. And PCA. Philadelphia to build the Independence Arts Studio.

2007: Leeway Foundation “Arts and Social Change” grant to consult with NIAD “Oakland, Ca. to start IAS, (The Independence Arts Studio), an art studio for adults with disabilities.

See press kit including resumé for more info.

Find Funding!

Step by Step funding process for a 10-20 day Theater Residency

  1. Call Your local State Arts Council and find out about what type of grants are offered in your state to non-profits and schools. Usually Makeupevery state arts council has an “Artist in the Community” grant to bring artists into a community setting and they have an “Arts in Education” grant specifically for schools.
  2. If your organization can apply to one of these grants find out about the deadlines and requirements. Also form a committee of interested stakeholders so you aren’t doing it all alone! And call me! «Learn more»
  3. NOTE: You may need a Fiscal Sponsor if you are a state or national organization or are a 501c3 non-profit organization in another county or state or are a for-profit organization. Don’t worry. All is not lost!
    Finding a Fiscal Sponsor: Call your local community organizations that could sponsor your artist, organization and project, such as the local Lions Club, Rotary, Moose Lodge, Elks, church or the PTA that may already support your organization. You can find out about Fiscal Sponsors online at
  4. Once you know what the grant is you are applying for, contact Ms. Gregson to set up a meeting by phone to discuss your needs, goals and possible theme and any ideas you might have and arts programming you are interested in.
  5. For a theater residency, Barbara will meet with any of the key players who are writing and implementing the the grant and project, preferably face-to-face. We can use video conference such as Skype or Google Hangout if needed.  
  6. Makeup
  7. We will have several planning meetings during the duration of the residency (before, during and after) to ensure good communication and that we have reached our goals for the project.
  8. We will:  Write the grant together,
  9. Send out the grant by the deadline,
  10. Rehearse and Create the Show (documenting the entire process with photos and video),
  11. Perform the show,
  12. Evaluate.
  13.     «Show less»

Funding Sources

New York /Central New York

Below are a few of the local Arts Councils that I have worked with in Central New York

  • Chenango County Council on the Arts, Norwich NY -
  • Syracuse Council on the Arts -
  • The Arts Council of the Southern Finger Lakes, Corning, NY

Arts in Education Help and Artists Directories for Broome, Tioga, Otsego, Chenango and Delaware Counties

  • Delaware Chenango Madison BOCES - (find “Arts in Education” under “Instructional” tab)
  • Broome Tioga BOCES - - “Arts in Education” is under “Professional Development” in “Classroom Enrichment Resources”
  • New York Sate Council on the Arts -
  • New York Foundation for the Arts -


  • Pennsylvania Council on the Arts -
  • Pennsylvania Arts in Education Partnership - (for Philadelphia area school arts in education funding)
  • Leeway Foundation, Philadelphia - for women artists and community project funding


  • National Endowment for the Arts -
  • Foundation Center -
  • Creative Capital - (They have webinars and all kinds of excellent funding resources and grants for artists as seminars. I just finished an 5 month marketing course for artists which was excellent!)

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