PROCESS     Gregson Theater engages all of the participants in the entire theater making process


I learned many new techniques and games. Your knowledge helped me as a seasoned professional to learn and have fun. Thank you. - Judy Nelson (theater director and international peace advocate - after the “Theater Artists Play” two-day workshop at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, Sept 2018)

The Gregson Theater PROCESS engages all of the participants in the entire theater making process. Everyone involved in the workshop, full scale production or simple piece does everything needed to design it, write it and then perform it from beginning to end.  

These workshops and residencies are for adults, teachers, professionals, beginners and children, for all people, students and participants with and without disabilities. 

The process for all of our theater arts programs (workshops and residencies) begins with physical and vocal warm ups.  Then mime, acting training, voice, scene writing, improvisation and other techniques are incorporated as needed.


NYS Veteran's Home, Oxford, NY


Moonlight Mayhem Mt Marmalade, NYS Veteran's Home, Oxford, NY

Adding music

set design
Musicians playing for “Wandering Home”


Herkimer BOCES students 2014

Mask and Mime Performance

Mask and Mime Performance
Herkimer BOCES 2014


Mask and Mime Performance
Herkimer BOCES 2016

Mask Making

Mask Making
Chenango Arts Council workshop 2015


Mask Making
Chenango Arts Council workshop 2016

Set Design

set design
NYS Veterans Home painting the set


set design

Putting it all together

adding music
Mime Choir


putting the show together
The Show!


putting the show together
The Show!


putting the show together
The Cast!

Street Theater

Street theater
Philadelphia Fringe Festival 2003


Street theater
Guilford Days 2015, Guilford, NY


Wheelchair art
Wheelchair art

Some previously used themes:

  • Your Ancestors/Family Histories
  • "What did she bring with her?"
  • Social Studies
  • New York or Pennsylvania history
  • William Penn
  • First Nation's Peoples: "From Our View"
  • "My Life Stories" told in song and mime
  • Poetry/Haikus
  • Flash Fiction
  • Adapted Stories from Fairy Tales
  • Create your own Fairy Tale

Some past performances:

  • "A Long Walk to Water" book by Linda Sue Park, adapted by 7th and 8th graders at BOCES, Apalachin, NY
  • "The Ancients" - Greek, Roman and Egyptian cultures, performed by 6th graders at West Winfield Middle School, NY
  • Recovery programs: "The Door" performed by men from the Return program at Girard Medical Center, Philadelphia
  • Short fiction and poetry turned into mime pieces with live music
  • "It's Not Easy Being a Kid" - 5th graders' stories and poems adapted into mime, song and theater pieces
  • "I Am Just a Kid, Give Me a Chance to Grow" - from 3-6 graders' own stories
  • "Snatch the Book" - SESTU (Youth Development Center)
  • "My Life on the Streets" - performance of rap, mime and live music
  • "Wandering Home" - vignettes and poems by Mt View Social Club
  • "Moonlight Mayhem" and "Mt Marmalade" - a vaudeville show with mime and music at the Oxford NYS Veterans Home


My Disclaimer: I am not a therapist, but am a theater artist. I like to work with people who maybe in various stages of recovery, in transition or who are institutionalized. I don’t need to know why they are there or what they did to be there. I see everyone through the lens of a fellow artist and that is how we connect.

I give my students access to the creative form (in my case it is theater) and show them how to express themselves in this art form.

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