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Current and Highlights 2021/2022!


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Current & Upcoming Workshops, Events and Theater Residencies:

workshopTheater Arts Residency - September - October, 2022
Rehearsals are underway for "Minstrels, Trappers, Peddlers and Pirates Along the Chenango Canal" directed by Barbara Gregson, with original music composed by Eric Porter (

Performance dates and times are as follows:
Saturday, October 8th, 1:00PM at the CHENANGO COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY pavillion, 45 Rexford St, Norwich during the "Path Through History Weekend"
Friday, October 14th at 6:30PM and Saturday, October 15th at 1:00PM in the Martin Kappel Theater of the Chenango ARTS Council, 27 W Main St, Norwich


WORKSHOP - Papier-mache Mask Making & Theater Improv
- October 14th and 15th, 2022
This two-day workshop will be held in Cazenovia, NY and will be coordinated through CazArts ( You can register and find out more information on the CazArts site.

workshopBarbara Gregson will teach you how to make a papier-mâché mask from a plaster cast of your face.Everyone will go home with a finished painted papier-mâché mask and a plaster castwhich you can make many masks from in the future. Use the plaster cast to make masks for theater productions or Halloween for many years to come!  Barbara Gregson will guide improvisations on how these masks are used in theater productions.

 Saturday, Day 1 - we will make a plaster cast of your face, using plaster strips. Two people will work on one person's face at a time.  Each plaster cast takes about 15 mins to make). Once the casts are made, you will make the papier mâché mask within the cast, making a neutral mask of your face or you can make a character mask which you will make on the outside of your cast.

Sunday, Day 2 - you will remove your mask from the cast, paint it and finish it. While it is drying, you will learn about how to wear and utilize a theater mask in a performance creating mask improvisations.


Other Projects - We are currently writing grants and planning our fall 2022 through spring 2023 theater arts residencies and workshops.

NOTE: To all of our future and new residency and workshop participants - since May 2021 and until further notice, we require that all adults and students ages 12 and up who wish to work with Gregson Theater on any projects, workshops and shows, must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by the first day of rehearsal or workshop.


Highlights of Recent Events, Workshops and Residencies:

Theater Arts Workshops for KIDS!
- August, 2022
This workshop for kids was called Summer Cool: Student Theatre & Arts!  Students learned visual and theatre arts with two instructors, Barbara Gregson and Brandon Law, creating portraits of themselves and one anotherand practicing the Renaissance tradition of maskmaking. Participants then practiced the arts of improvisation, mime and storytelling, putting their new skills to work for a real performance on the Martin W. Kappel Stage!

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Theater Arts Residency - July, 2022
The Mt View Players returned for their annual show; their 9th show to date. "At Last I Found . . ." was performed at the Community Arts Network of Oneonta (CANO), 111 Ford Ave, Oneonta, NY.

zoom meetings"At Last I Found . . ." is a collaborative, original production which looks at the unexpected paths we take in life, and is based on the haiku poem  from "Ariwara no Narihira" (or "I Have Always Known").  "At Last I Found . . ." wss performed by the actors and artists, of the Mt View Players, in mime, poetry, mask theater and live music.

This show was directed by Barbara Gregson with original music composed and played by Eric Porter.

There were four shows: July 15, Friday (two shows), 5:30PM and again at 6:30PM and July 16, Saturday (two shows), at 10:30AM and again at 11:30AM. 

Theater Arts Residency - Oct - Nov, 2021
"Song of Pandora,"  based on the myth of Pandoras Box. Directed by Barbara Gregson, original music by Eric Porter, with the Mt View Wellness Center and the "Mt View Players." Produced and performed at the First United Presbyterian Church (Red Door Church), Oneonta, NY. This was the 6th production with the Mt View Players.

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Theater Arts Residency - Jul - Aug, 2021
"The Players and the Pirates Along the Chenango Canal," based on the 10th century Japanese legend, "The Musician and The Pirates." Our version took place in 1870 when a band of players from NYC is attacked on their packet boat along the Chenango Canal by a band of Pirates. It was Performed on Aug 27 and 28, 2021 at The Chenango Arts Council, Norwich NY. The cast consisted of community members from Norwich and Oneonta, NY along with Barbara Gegson and musicians, Eric Porter and Carl Pickett. It was a huge success!

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Theater Arts Residency - May - Aug, 2021
Barbara Gregson and musician Eric Porter returned to work with The Mountain View Players at the Mt View Wellness Center, Oneonta, NY for the 5th year. Their new piece, "Waiting For" was written and performed by Barbara Gregson, Eric Porter, Oneonta community members and The Mt. View Players. The shows were performed on Aug 6, and Aug 7, 2021 at the First United Presbyterian Church (The Red Door Church). The audience moved from room to room, throughout the building, while the cast performed a series of comedic vignettes.

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The above three residencies and productions were made possible with public funds from the Statewide Community Regrants Program, a regrant program of the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the governor and legislature of New York State, and administered by the Earlville Opera House.

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Coping with COVID19 - March 2020 - December 2021zoom meetings
During the first year of the COVID 19 pandemic, we canceled many planned live, theater residencies, classes and productions and put our creative energies into writing and producing the "Artists Lost and Found" podcast. This is a podcast all about our favorite topic, the arts, art making and super-brave artists who create against all odds. “Artists Lost and Found.” The first episode launched in July 2020 and the last in January 2021. Go to to listen or search on Spotify, Itunes, Google Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.

Theater Artists Play book
-“Theater Artists Play! - a THEATER ARTIST'S GUIDE to making and creating your OWN theater work”. The book is available through Amazon and on this site. Learn more.



Received Community Arts Grant - We are proud to announce that we received all of the 2020 DEC Community Arts grants that we applied for, from the Chenango Arts Council, Norwich, NY and funded by NYSCA to do our very creative theater making work. Thank you NYSCA for supporting our local arts council with the funding. class

Book Signing AND Public Reading - Sidney Memorial Public Library Sidney, NY, Feb 16, 2020. Barbara Gregson read and demonstrated mask and mime skills described in her book, Theater Artists Play, A THEATER ARTIST'S GUIDE to creating and making your OWN theater work! She will demonstrate the use of masks and mime in her work and theater productions, answer questions and also signed any books that were purchased previously from her website or Amazon.

Mask making workshops - Barbara taught two mask making workshops entitled "Unmask Your Creative Self" - one at Broome County Council on the Arts, Binghamton, NY in February, 2020, and another at the Guernsey Memorial Library, Norwich, NY in mid-March, 2020.     See photo #1.     See photo #2.

Book Signing and Sale -“Theater Artists Play!” Barbara Gregson held a book signing at the Colorscape Arts Festival on September 2019, in Norwich, NY. Also see

Theater Residency - West Learning Center, BOCES, Apalachin, NY - "Peace Tales from Around the World" was the title of the theater residency for youth grades 2-8 held spring 2019 (for the 4th year).

Theater Residency - The Place - We created a show during their summer 2019 program with the theme being, “Peace”.

Theater Residency - Mt View Wellness Center, Oneonta NY - We created an original show with adults, “adults in transition” from the Oneonta, NY community and the Mt View Wellness Center summer 2019. See video <<LINK>>.

Philadelphia Fringe Festival “Theater Artist Play!” storytelling and theater making workshops - Barbara held two workshops SEP2018 based on her book, Theater Artists Play. Both were held at Gwendolyn Bye Dance Center, Philadelphia, PA for the Philadelphia Fringe Arts Festival.




"I am finally getting to enjoy your book and it is such a wonderful and valuable one. Thank you for all that you do." - Kathy Varadi (actor)

"This was the most creative theater residency /experience we have ever had at our school! Thank you!" - Mr. Johnson (high school music teacher, Philadelphia)

"I love that now I have the ability to create my OWN productions through masks and mime and improvisation - being creative" - Beth (age 16, after she attended a Gregson Theater Masks and Mime Workshop at a BOCES Herkimer, NY)

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